Friday, July 18, 2014

Blythe Doll Pattern Modifications For Middie Blythe & What Other Doll Shoes Fit Middie Blythe

Hi Everyone!  So I have been sewing for NEO Blythe dolls mostly from vintage Skipper Patters that can be found on Blythe411 Facebook group, and thanks to one of our members, we found out if you printed out the party dress pattern at 75% that it would fit Middie Blythe dolls!  I went further and tested the 7716 H pattern printed out at 75% and guess what!!!  It worked imo and it looks so freakin adorable too!

Today on the group I posted about all of this and I also asked what other doll shoes would be able to fit Middie.  Other fab members informed us that Puki Puki doll shoes and Kelly doll shoes would fit and I just went on the bay and they seem like a good match!  I am already spending next months dolly budget in my head before the new month even starts lol  Jemgirl also makes shoes specifically for Middie too and I believe she has an Etsy shop. Yes she does!  I just added the link too!!

Well that's it for now guys!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)

A xo 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sewing For Blythe Dolls

So I was on my site,, surfing the bay for blythe doll goodies, and I was in the pattern section and found some vintage Skipper patterns so I purchased them all!  Then I also purchased the Display Me Torso set to show off my handy work!  This is what I made!!!

7480 McCall's Skipper Pattern

I made this one for my dolly friend Gail as thanks for being so sweet
and for her lovely knits she sent me recently!
Just finished another Skipper Pattern from McCall's 7716
This one I screwed up a bit and have to redo.  The pattern is from McCall's 7716.

I am going to probably start making the first pattern with the pockets for my Etsy shop and update my blog and facebook once they are in.

So much fun and good times!  Being kind to each other both on and offline!  That's my idea of playing dolls :)
Love, A xo
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Monday, June 23, 2014

1972 Kenner Blythe Doll Commercial & Blythe Doll Ads!

I thought it would be fun to log the blythe doll commercial and ads, both past and recent, on my blythe doll blog!  There are so many but I figured that it would be a great way to have them all in one place.  I believe there are more but I will keep adding them to this blog post!  For the original youtube video!

Love, A xo

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vintage "Value" Kenner Blythe Doll Ad?!

Anyone have a time machine handy because I DO NOT want to miss this sale again LOL  $2.50 for a Kenner Blythe doll!  and 50 cents for Blythe Boutique!!! WOWOWOWOW!!!!

Coles is a book store here in Canada,  remember Coles Notes?  I never used them personally but they were popular and there were people in high school and college that used them instead of the book they were assigned to read. :p  Wonder if it's the same company?  They do list Redwing Books in the ad too so maybe?  

I found a Snapics toy set at a thrift shop a couple years ago made by Tupperware from the 60s that was for sale by a Canadian drug store called Rexall.  It was kinda neat and weird.  I sold it on the bay for more dolly stuff but I did keep a picture of it!

Anyways, I thought that was pretty neat.  I wish I could keep all those vintage toys but I opted for keeping the pictures of them instead.

Hugs, A xo

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Products That Help Reduce or Eliminate Yellowing On 1972 Kenner Blythe Dolls

On Blytheworld Facebook my facebook dolly friend, Fiona W., posted she won a yellowed blonde Kenner Blythe and is attempting to bleach her dolly to have her go back to the original skin color face plate.  She is using Pearl Drops but there were other suggestions too.  I logged it on my Blythe411 Facebook group with permission from Fiona and another member that had some tips.

Pearl Drops "Worth a try until I can get my stuff together for a major skin bleaching session." Fiona W.  Snipped from Fiona's post on BlytheWorld with her permission.

Update pic of Fiona's lovely blonde kb!  I think the yellowing is fading with the pearl drops and the doll is looking very lovely!  I can't wait to see the after pictures :D

"The formula is called RetroBrite. It removes yellowing from older plastics and returns them to their original color/state. Hope this works." Adrian D. L. Snipped from the following thread with permission from Adrian

***IMPORTANT!!! - Now when you use those bleaching products it is said that the original Kenner Blythe makeup will be removed so if your gal is just a bit dirty then please do not use the bleaching or fading products.  Also if left on too long some said that it would actually melt the plastic!!!!  Please be mindful of this too because the last thing anyone wants is a damaged dolly!

I hope this will help some of you restore your vintage KB safely and effectively without any damage except of  course the original makeup will be removed.  Face ups on Kenners are fun to do.  There are a lot of tutorials out there and even people that can do them for you for a fee.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

IKEA Replaced Damaged Shelf Piece & Gift Card After My Request For My Trouble!

So I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that my husband and I exchanged that top piece of the shelf due to forklift damage with no problem and for the trouble I asked for a discount or gift card.  That box should have never been put out to sell in my honest opinion.  Usually their items are perfect by the time we get them home and we have never had any problems with assembling them either.  Anyways, the cashier said that she couldn't do anything for me unless she gave me a discount refund but I would have to keep the damaged piece as is.  I did not want to do that so I asked her if I could speak to a manger.  She actually did instead and came back with a $15.00 IKEA gift card!  Well that's all for now!  I am so happy to finally have a perfect KALLAX shelf for my girls in perfect condition too and a gift card for something else I need at IKEA!!!  Yayyy!!!

Love, A xo

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

IKEA Has The Perfect Shelving For Blythe Dolls and Other Collections!

So I decided to go to IKEA to purchase a shelf for my dolls and accessories.  Went to the famous Monkey IKEA in North York where Darwin the monkey in a jacket was found.   I wanted a white shelf but something that was more compartmentalized so that I could use the individual spaces for pictures like a diorama.  It's like a big blythe condo lol

This is the Kallax shelf for $129 CND plus tax.  There are many different styles and colors too that I feel would suit many different collectors and their different rooms. for more!

I have to buy some doll stands and more dolly furniture too!  I think in time it will be perfect.  On the bottom of that shelf on the left I have non dolly retro vintage games.  Then I have a few of the BL Takara boxes, My Vintage 1971 Apple Pie knitter and a white storage box filled with dolly clothes and shoes!  Then on the 3rd shelf from the bottom I have some dolls and the Takara Veeno Vespa Scooter, Then above that Takara outdoor patio furniture and dolls and on the top shelf I have dolls and the IKEA living room furniture set.  On the very very top I have dolls, a Kenner Blythe 1972 case and a signed print from Gina Garan!  Yay!!!

I may sell some of my EBL Takaras.  Original Cherry Berry and Love Mission may go?  I am not sure yet.  I want to make sure before I sell them.  I seem to like customs and fantasy hair colors best with the EBL face mold.  I am just going to think about it for a bit more before I decide because it seems some EBLs don't go for much anyways and I have had those dolls for a while now.

I did notice a mark on the top piece of the shelf made by the forklift so I called IKEA and they said to bring in the piece and they will exchange it no problem.  Even though you can't really see it, I paid for a shelf that was in perfect condition.  When I go back I will also ask for a discount for all my trouble.  Wish me luck!

Love, A xo