Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Canada's Very First Blythe Doll Meet In Toronto 2004 & Behind Blythe Canada's First International Blythe Official CWC Event At Magic Pony Blythe Doll Exhibition in Toronto 2005 - Lots Of Photos Too!

I was at the very first Canadian Blythe Doll meet on July 25, 2004 at Bubble Tea Shop 168 on Yonge Street near Wellesley in Toronto.  I can't believe it has been ten years since!!

We had a few more fab meets since then and then the most incredible thing happened in 2005.  Junko Wong of CWC and Gina Garan, the fab photographer that put together the gorgeous book This is Blythe, was having a huge official CWC Blythe event Behind Blythe at Magic Pony on Queens Street West right here in Toronto!  Canada's first international Blythe dolly event open to anyone from around the globe to go!  I of course RSVP'd with Gina and she emailed me this gorgeous post card invite!
It was a truly magical day on April 30, 2005 that was filled with some really sweet dolly people, lovely dollies and unbelievable art and designs!  I was so fortunate to meet Junko Wong and Gina Garan too!  Gina said my Maria Medium hair colored KB had incredible coloring!!  Junko asked to hold my Maria also and commented what a beautiful vintage I had!!  It was such a special moment with each of them.  I was beyond over the moon and thought that it was a wonderful dolly moment!  

Here are some of my pictures from the actual Blythe Exhibit event that I would like to log for all to see because that way you will be a part of that special day too!    

 Some of my dolly friends that live near Toronto or that visit a lot have asked me to help them get a Blythe Convention together for 2016.  I agreed to help them and hopefully we can get something amazing together for anyone that wants to attend.  I will post updates if we can get things going.  Fingers crossed!

A xo

In case the Behind Blythe Link doesn't work here is a copy of the Japan Beat text:

The latest on Blythe from our friends in Asia

May 1st, 2005
Behind Blythe
I hope this Japan Beat finds everyone well and happy.  I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Toronto with two of my favorite CWC ladies. BEHIND BLYTHE was the occasion.  This was our first trip to North America to bring a sampling of many of the Blythe we have produced. We are very grateful to Magic Pony for allowing us to display the dolls we sweated and cried over to create and improve over the past four years.  The highlight of the trip of course was meeting the many sweet and kind Blythe lovers and their Blythe dolls. Every single person we met was genuine, sincere and radiant. We fell in love with them and hope to see them again somehow, somewhere. And we appreciate so much, the time they spent to talk to us and make us feel welcome.  The memories are all very good. And I think maybe I made a few new friends.
After we returned however, to my horror and disappointment, we found that there were many Margaret Meets Lady Bug dolls with damaged lips. We consulted with Takara to quickly (but to some Blythe fans not quickly enough) find out exactly what was the cause.  How many actually were damaged, how the problem could be solved?  This process involved the manufacturer, the factory, the QC department, the shipping company, the Hong Kong office, the printing company, the packing company, the customer service staff, the translators, the design team, our shop staff, our English language support and the Japanese language support.  Schedules were confirmed with all of the above and letters were sent to all the customers individually that bought the doll as they were sold by lottery and we had their e- mail addresses.
Limited Edition dolls are always special but they are also always an experiment. This is one of the reasons we keep the numbers limited (it's like making prototypes each time).  The process from start to finish takes about one year.  We try to be as innovative as possible with the doll as well as the package. When we work with a collaborator we try to realize their ideas and their wishes as much as possible within the guidelines of the toy industry and with the reality that the product will be made in a factory by machines.  We hope that each Limited Edition doll is unique in its own right and that whoever purchases one will fall in love with her.  We appreciate the feedback and positive criticism that will help us improve with each new doll.  Please do not hesitate to write to me directly at: agents@cwctokyo.com with your feelings.  I take everyone very seriously.
The next two Limited Editions are taking longer to complete than originally planned.  That includes the summer doll with Roxy and the anniversary limited, Cinema Princess. We are looking forward to seeing how they will turn out and hope you will, too.
I have to get back to work now to get our 4th anniversary event rolling.  In just two more weeks we will be seeing the one-off original Blythe styled by invited designers and artists walk the catwalk. I hope some of you will be able to come to Japan for this event. If so, PLEASE let me know you are visiting.  I would want you to be a part of all the festivities.
Junko Wong

Friday, July 18, 2014

Blythe Doll Pattern Modifications For Middie Blythe & What Other Doll Shoes Fit Middie Blythe

Hi Everyone!  So I have been sewing for NEO Blythe dolls mostly from vintage Skipper Patters that can be found on Blythe411 Facebook group, and thanks to one of our members, we found out if you printed out the party dress pattern at 75% that it would fit Middie Blythe dolls!  I went further and tested the 7716 H pattern printed out at 75% and guess what!!!  It worked imo and it looks so freakin adorable too!

Here below is 7480 D from the vintage Skipper Patters.  Isn't my Midge so very darling! 

Today on the group I posted about all of this and I also asked what other doll shoes would be able to fit Middie.  Other fab members informed us that Puki Puki doll shoes and Kelly doll shoes would fit and I just went on the bay and they seem like a good match!  I am already spending next months dolly budget in my head before the new month even starts lol  Jemgirl also makes shoes specifically for Middie too and I believe she has an Etsy shop. Yes she does!  I just added the link too!!

Well that's it for now guys!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)

A xo

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sewing For Blythe Dolls

So I was on my site, BigEyedBuys.com, surfing the bay for blythe doll goodies, and I was in the pattern section and found some vintage Skipper patterns so I purchased them all!  Then I also purchased the Display Me Torso set to show off my handy work!  This is what I made!!!

7480 McCall's Skipper Pattern

I made this one for my dolly friend Gail as thanks for being so sweet
and for her lovely knits she sent me recently!
Just finished another Skipper Pattern from McCall's 7716
This one I screwed up a bit and have to redo.  The pattern is from McCall's 7716.

I am going to probably start making the first pattern with the pockets for my Etsy shop and update my blog and facebook once they are in.

So much fun and good times!  Being kind to each other both on and offline!  That's my idea of playing dolls :)
Love, A xo
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