Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kenner Blythe Doll Bonanza on Ebay!

I can't believe all the 1972 Kenner Blythe dolls on Ebay right now! Looks like it's a good time to buy!

I recall, when reading Ebay for Dummies, it stated not to put so many of your items on at the same time, because they will end at the same time and less people will compete for bids. More supply equals less demand, so it looks like the crazy prices may follow that, as well.

Experts have said that it's a buyers market so I wouldn't doubt that that also applies to buying a Blythe doll.

Many of us doll enthusiasts often wonder if spending so much on dolls is a wise investment. I look at it this way, heart value equals more to me than dollar value does.

I also budget myself so that I don't suffer from buyers remorse. Another great tip is to shop around and check shipping rates too. Another way to find reasonably priced dolls is when people sell dolls at your local dolly meets, so you don't even need to pay shipping at all. Selling off things to earn extra money for your dolls is another option to go guilt free when the prices do creep down. You never know if they will stay down for long, though, or if they will drop completely.

Remember, no one can predict the end value of things until it actually happens. Maybe all those Kenners will go for even more? It's like going to Vegas, Lady Luck never revels her hand until the game is over.

As long as you enjoy your collection, then who is to say that it's all about the money. If it was all about that then the stock market is more your game.

The Blythe community is another plus for collectors, meeting people from all over the world and sharing your thoughts, tips, photos and experiences with each other. Now money can't ever top that!

Love, A xo

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