Sunday, June 14, 2009

Traveling With Your Blythe Dolls

I can think of nothing more entertaining than taking pictures of your lovely blythe dolls in some far away place and at a famous landmark. You will probably get some people giving you terrible looks, but when you get those shots, believe me, it's worth it!

My Monica and Jade in Toronto, Ontario CANADA!
Pearl in Halifax Nova Scotia, CANADA!
My Pearl in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Peggy's Cove
My Pearl in Old Montreal, Quebec CANADA!
My Veronica in Boston, Massachusetts USA!
Veronica in the Boston Common walking the Freedom Trail! 
Veronica in VEGAS!
Veronica in Vegas!
Madonna in front of the Hollywood sign in LA, California USA!
Veronica in the Mojave Desert, Nevada to California!

I always try to carry Blythe in a tote bag and wrapped in a clean hand towel or terry cloth tea towel to protect her from scratches and damage. I also carry a pocket brush so I can fix her hair, as best I can, right there on location.

Petite Blythe dolls are ideal for this because they are so portable and less noticeable. Actually, I still got some wild stares in Paris because I was taking too long and I was discovered.

Pandora in front of the Canadian Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario CANADA!
My little Parco in front of the Chinese Theater in LA!
My Parco in front of the Hover Dam in Nevada!
My Parco in Venice Beach, California!
My Cassandra Black in front of the lovely Statue of Liberty in NY, NY!
Cassandra Black in Salem, Massachusetts! 
My Parco in San Diego, California USA!
My Parco in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France!

My Parco on the River Seine in Paris, France!

When flying I select one or two dolls to take with me, be it a full sized or mini, and I include them in my carry on. I have traveled a lot and have been very lucky with my luggage, however, I don't want to risk one of my lovelies any time soon! Also ensure that your bags are always near you, even if for a second you take your eyes off of them you may be robbed. I'm always very mindful of my luggage, carry-on, digital camera and purse. It happens, so don't feel bad if it does because it's only material objects. As long as you are okay, then that's what counts, but if you can prevent it, then that's at least half the battle.

Love, A xo
blythe doll

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