Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blythe Dolls For Sale

There are so many kinds of Blythe dolls for sale, so when you actually go to buy a Blythe doll, there may be a bit of a decision to make. Some go straight for the vintage Blythe doll, others find them too expensive and stick with more affordable Takara reproduction. Fake Blythe dolls interest some collectors and they seem to purchase them mostly out of curiosity. I have 2 Fake Blythe dolls, both are Ashton Drake Blythe dolls. They are adorable but have a very strong smell of plastic, so I won't purchase anymore. I think that the CCE fakes are so cute, but I heard they are very flimsy. Whatever Blythe doll you purchase, you most likely will buy another. Collectors often refer to Blythe dolls as potato chips, because you can't have just one. On my website I feature a page sharing my tips on buying Blythe dolls. I think it's a good read and may help those that are starting out. I'm big on finding the best deals on any Blythe doll and Blythe items. I hope my information helps you and I would love to hear about it if it did :D Best of luck!

Love, A xo
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