Friday, May 14, 2010

Custom Blythe Dolls

When I first wanted a custom blythe doll I had to determine if I was going to buy an already customized doll, or if I was going to send one of my blythe dolls to a customizor, or if I was going to do it myself. Sending a doll away in the post costs but buying an already customized doll would only cost me one way shipping and you can usually find great deals for already completed customs. I decided to buy a cheap blythe doll and go ahead and try it myself! It was for me the best choice because not only was it the most frugal, but it was the most fun!

I purchased a brand new blythe doll for only $65 US plus shipping. The reason was because the doll was so abundant and the face plate was still in mass production. You can also consider buying a used blythe doll or a nude blythe doll for even more savings. Some people even customize fake or factory blythe dolls even before touching a real blythe doll.

I got a lot of tips online from blythe doll tutorials, websites, forums and other Blythe doll fans with customizing experience. If you don't like dolls with imperfections then I wouldn't recommend customizing your own doll because things might happen. If you couldn't stand having a custom with imperfections then buy an already custom doll or send it away to be customized.

I purchased some blythe doll eye chips and I already had some foil that I received from a friend when at a Toronto Blythe doll meet. I used the foil to put behind existing stock blythe doll chips by simply cutting the foil to the identical size of the chip and placed it behind.

I used the glue stick method to remove the original eye chips. You must use extreme caution when doing this because it involves using a flame. Children should always ask their parents before doing any customization to their dolls because you will need their assistance. What you will require is a glue stick, lighter, and tape. First tape your Blythe doll's eyelashes to protect them. I used painters tape because it wasn't as sticky and didn't pull out any of the Blythe dolls lashes. Next I heated the glue and when the top looked gooey I simply stuck it to the chip I wanted to foil or replace. You must wait a couple minutes or so before pulling the chip. It may take several tries to get it. Some people soak their Takara Blythe dolls in a bucket of warm soapy water overnight before attempting this but the dolls eyelashes will fall out.

Once you remove the chips you can simply pop in the new chips, but some people like to put a dab of glue on the back part tab to secure them. I never did but I think I should because the chips have fallen out in the back of Blythe's head. If the chips fall out into the head region you can unscrew the two screws in the back of the head and gently shake them out but be careful you don't upset the eye mechanism.

For the makeup I used Acrylic paint for the lips because with a little warm soapy water you can remove it easily if you mess up and it lasts. Some seal the lips to give it longer life. Some use Interior or exterior craft varnish in satin, gloss, or matte depending on the desired result. For that gooey look you can use water color pencil first and then seal if desired. For the eyeshadow and blush I used non toxic pastel chalk. I simply applied the chalk on some paper (great when blending colors or) and then use Q Tips and cotton balls to apply.

I am going to replace the Blythe doll pull ring next. There are tons of styles and colors to choose from. I really like the Eiffel Tower or a pink bobble for my Candy Custom Blythe.

For the hair I purchased a blythe doll wig because that mohair weave method is such a pain! Custom Blythe Doll supplies are here.   I might buy a Blythe doll weft mohair piece and sew in the rest of the original scalp otherwise the hair may never get done. I'd rather watch paint peel than spend so much time hand weaving the hair. If you don't mind the time and effort then this YouTube Tutorial is really great.

The best tutorials I feel are on YouTube because you can most usually witness the actual Blythe customization in progress. Everything from lip carving to mohair dying.

Customizing is a lot of fun but I highly recommend that you start on a cheap fake or cheap used blythe doll first. Plus there are a lot of Blythe fans with tons of experience willing to help you. Plastic Paradise is a great Blythe doll forum that can help bridge you to some of these people.

You can also hire an experienced customizer with positive reviews.  Always make sure you agree upon the price and payment options.  Never pay with a gift pay or money order in my opinion.  Ask about deposits because the majority request them and if you don't keep up your end you will most likely forfeit it.  I find that with great communication and by using PayPal you should be on your way to owning a great custom blythe doll!

Annablythedoll xo