Friday, September 10, 2010

Stolen Blythe Doll Pics For Possible Scam Sale!

Blythedrops sent me a pm on Flickr the other day inquiring if the two pictures on another person's account were mine. Then more pms followed with the same question. They in fact were my pictures and I also noticed that this person listed that the doll was for sale! I was very concerned because I did not want anyone to get ripped off so I proceeded to post right on the stolen pics! I stated that the pics were mine, the doll featured was in my possession and was not for sale! SapphireSA / Sweetheart Accessories is what the person is going by. I also posted on Plastic Paradise forum because I think a lot of people frequent that site. I rarely go on lj or any other dolly forums anymore so I decided to post on Flickr & Plastic Paradise because I find a lot of Blythers are active there. I am so glad that I did that because a member that sent this person money via PayPal that day was able to report them right away. Paypal stated that they would in fact get their money back! Hopefully this will never happen again but if it does I will do the exact same thing but post a link on PP to my Blogspot. Below are the two links to the pictures that were stolen.

A xo