Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Fantasy, When Stunning Fantasy Hair Color Blythe Dolls Meet Vibrant Fall Colors.

I was hit with inspiration last week when I was looking out into my back yard to notice all the vibrant fall colors and immediately think of my fantasy hair color Blythe dolls.

The blue haired Blythe doll featured above is a Takara Blythe Asian Butterfly. There are two versions of AB, EBL and SBL. Both are out of production and a bit rare, though the EBL version is more so because the mold is no longer in existence. Other than the face mold difference and price (EBL is worth more and more rare), the only other thing is the 2 hair pom pom colors. They are both very cute. Pandora is wearing a Sugar Mag Blythe doll dress, I believe. You can't see her Blythe doll boots but they were purchased using

The bright red haired girl is a Rouge Noir Takara Blythe doll with an EBL face mold. No other face molds were made of this particular Takara Blythe. Dressed in a Takara Blythe doll stock Aztec BL Blythe top, Takara Step in Time shoe set orange boots and the skirt was purchased off of the Buy and Sell section on Plastic Paradise Forum, now Blythe Kingdom.

All fantasy hair color Blythe dolls are reproductions unless a vintage Kenner Blythe doll is wearing a wig or if the doll had a re-root. 72s that had a mohair re-root using fantasy hair colors are really stunning. It's so amazing what Blythe fans are capable of! You can catch a glimpse of these on Blythe Kingdom Forum or Maybe just do a search if you want to save time.

I am looking forward the winter because I am going to take more pictures of my lovely back yard. I am very lucky to live in beautiful Toronto, Ontario where we have 4 seasons :) If you are from a place that doesn't might I suggest you come and visit us has great information for people planning trips here. Maybe you can come to a local Blythe doll meet too because there are several enthusiasts :)

Thanks so much for your time!

Love, Axo

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