Monday, April 30, 2012

No Blythe At 2012 Toronto Comic-Con :( BlytheCon 2012 Europe Anyone?

So we went to the Comic-Con at the Toronto Convention Center this month and there was a little bit of everything there except Blythe dolls and Blythe doll items :(  There were comics (of course), action figures, toys, trading cards, neat handmade crafts, art, prints/signed prints, autographs, celebs, booths to meet/take pics with celebs, anime, psychics, paranormal investigators like the Ontario Ghost Busters, sci-fi memorabilia, people that dressed up either who were a part of the show and partakers too.  There was even food, refreshments, free goodies and lots of people just hanging out having a good time.

I did find a couple vintage comics from 70s that had ads of 1972 Kenner Blythe dolls but that was about it.  Still, all in all it was a pretty good day considering.  Not too shabby for being in my city regardless of a lack of the big headed diva <3

I Googled Comic-con and Blythe and found there was a table with the Blythe theme back in 2005, but I couldn't find anything since.  I would love to see more Blythe items and crafts there next year but I guess Blythe has gotten so big that it now has it's own convention.

That's right BlytheCon 2012 is coming to Europe this year in Berlin and I imagine that it would be something!  I have been to 4 Blythe meets before, including a Halloween Blythe Meet at Gina Garan's studio in NY and they were so much fun, but I would imagine that going to an actual convention would be even more awesome.  I mean it would be anything and everything Blythe, not to mention all the fans and collectors too.  I was on the BlytheCon Europe 2012 site and all the details, including a neat little map with the address of the place, is all right there.

Wish I could make it to Berlin if the gods smiled down upon me but if not then hopefully next year it will be in Canada.  Maybe we could entice our fellow Blythe fans here with some maple syrup and beaver tails!  I'm talking the dessert by the way and not the actual furry cute little critters lol  You may see them around if you are by the lake, we had a couple of beavers in front of my condo on the lake shore downtown one year.  Oh and we also have amazing poutine, you know the french fries with cheese, gravy and I've had it with melt in your mouth beef and pork.  Okay, I'm hungry now lol  More soon <3

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