Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Article Was Published In The 3rd Issue Of Blythiful Magazine!

 This past September I discovered Blythiful Magazine and was curious because from what I saw it looked really interesting and seemed to be packed full of information, tutorials and tips by some talented people in the Blythe community.  Also the pictures and artwork were really terrific too.  I did not hesitate at all when I was asked by the creator, Priscila Ferreira, if I would like to write an article for the Halloween themed issue!  I immediately said that I would *LOVE TO* and then started brainstorming immediately.

The only thing I love as much as Blythe dolls is Halloween so it wasn't hard for me to come up with a concept that was not only easy for myself to write but it was true and from the heart too.  My contribution was about my Blythes and I living in Toronto... a haunted city!  You see I love to collect vintage books, as well, especially about my city.  I found this one book, "Haunted Toronto" by John Robert Colombo, years ago that had so much information about rumored paranormal hot spots in the GTA, Greater Toronto Area, that I had to check out myself so for years I have been venturing bravely about and usually in the company of my blythe dolls too.

You see I have searched high and low, from Fort York, to the haunted Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, to Toronto's own castle CASA LOMA and more spooky spots too!  Yep, we have quiet the history here in my beautiful city and I know all about it.  I feature one particular place with both history and ambiance too.  The staff is super friendly and it's really cozy.  Well, except if there is that thing about something going bump in the night and all, if you know what I mean!  Very creepy and cozy ;)  A must see if you are visiting Toronto or taking a staycation.  Plus it has free parking too, very unusual for downtown, so why not check it out even if you don't believe in that sort of thing (:  The fine craftsmanship of the place alone is reason enough to go, plus the food is great also.  Okay, I have said enough already.  If you want to know more then please consider buying the issue.

Blythiful website with all the information about the magazine and where you can get your very own copy via the shop.  I would like to see more of this magazine so please support it by buying an issue or more.  You can even donate too because with every $120 they get 4 pages towards the next issue!  Back issues are available via the magazines shop and Etsy page. Blythiful also has a Facebook page too so feel free to join and discuss this great publication.

I hope you purchase a copy or copies and enjoy my article and the many other wonderful contributions too.  The cover alone is brilliant, those cute and creepy Blythe doll creatures totally captivated and made me crave more, which you do get if you delve further into the magazine!  It was better than I expected and I am so very glad that I got a chance to write something for the publication, as well as, purchase my own copy too. 

A xo