Friday, December 28, 2012

Blythe - Calendar Girls Flickr Group & My Blythe Doll Winona Grace For January

I was on Blythe Kingdom Forum yesterday and I happened upon a wonderful thread informing us members of this new Blythe Calendar Girls Flickr group.  I immediately joined and then shortly after that posted some pictures of my Winona Grace, a lovely All In Gold BL Takara Blythe doll, that I took minutes after, from my snowy back yard.

My friend Winnie, whom I met at the first ever 2004 Toronto Blythe doll meet, made this beautiful outfit that Winona Grace is wearing in the pictures.  It reminds me so much of something a Russian princess would wear and I think that my goldie looks Russian so that is pretty much why I picked that outfit and Winona Grace as my January girl.  Sure Canada is not as cold as Russia but since Toronto got this huge blast of snow I thought it was as close as it will get this year ;) (more snow on the way too!)

I have to tell you that I had so much fun capturing what I felt were some pretty amazing shots.  I tell you once I get inspired I really do seem to grasp my favorite dolls in such a terrific light.  I don't find it that hard either because using Blythe dolls as a subject does make it easier to get that perfect shot.  I try to aim for a place that offers me a lot of natural light and if I don't have that then I resort to using the flash feature but I know that they won't be as stunning.  I 99% of the time wait for the natural light, even if I am shooting indoors.  I think the last time I did use it I was just showcasing my Blythe doll collection where there is no natural light at all since they are in a temporary location.

I know that you can take great pictures of your blythe doll too.  I don't even use a very expensive professional camera.  I have a Canon Powershot ELPH 320 HS  that I picked up for less than $200 bucks, taxes in!  It's a wi-fi camera, so when I am on the road, and as long as I have an internet connection, I can immediately upload them to my Canon account and/or Facebook.  You can also upload your videos to YouTube, as well!  I found the Canon site to be great for personal storage but the links stop working if you have a lot of people looking at your pics on blogs and forums.  I find that Flickr is the best photo storage sharing site because they will not short out even if there are tons of people accessing the pics and they do offer a copyright on your pictures too.  The camera comes in neat colors too and it's very slim so it's easy to carry in a small purse or pocket.  Be sure to edit out your private information on Flickr because it will show up if you don't.  I had my name and phone number displaying at first until my husband mentioned to go to the options and remove that.  Thanks, honey! 

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    1. I appreciated your sweet comment Flavie <3

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