Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Littles Pet Shop Cartoon & App featuring Blythe!

I know I have made this known before but I will say it again, those Littlest Pet Shop Blythe toys by Hasbro are so freakin cute and fun!  I am also glad to have some in my collection, as well!  Below is one of my favorite LPS Blythe called Black and White!  Cute as a bug, no?  Yes!!!

Well it's gotten better!  Above is the promo clip to the new sweet cartoon just in case you didn't see it but don't forget to come back and keep reading this because I still have to let you know about the new app!

Okay now back to what I originally was trying to tell you all about (:  Well when I was on the Google Play store today I spotted their new LPS app featuring Blythe in the beginning!  Here is the iTunes LPS app and Blackberry Playbook app links that I just wanted to add for the Apple & Blackberry Playbook users ;)  It's so fun, adorable and cute.  Best of all it's free to download and play!  In some parts of the game you may want to buy coins but free items are offered too.  I really love this game so much!  Pets are really cute!  My favorite so far is the darling hound ^o^

Now if you will please excuse me I have some little pets to play with and care for on my droid lol  ;)



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