Sunday, October 27, 2013

Falling For Blythe

I am in love with the fall season.  It is truly a special time of year to me.  Being that I'm a valley girl, we have a lot of amazing trails and wonderful historic sites in my area too, and I have utilized this in my Blythe doll photography also.  I was specifically at a heritage site late September of this year and took some pretty amazing pictures of my BASAAK fake blythe doll.  Blythe plus amazing scenery doesn't take an expert in photography to get some gorgeous results. 

This post is especially for Hecktor who was asking me about dark haired blythes with shoulder length hair.  I immediately thought of my little BASAAK fake blythe girl Yolandi that is featured in this blog.  Though her hair is longer she is a good doll for customizing and costs usually around $24 US plus shipping too!  The trend right now is to actually to disregard the body the doll came with for a flexible pure neemo body blythe size for around $24 - 40 dollars.  You can buy them HERE.

Check out these completed custom BASAAK blythe clones!!!  They are so freakin amazing!!!! You need to be a member of this blythe forum but it's worth the trouble imho.  Here is the general link:

If you would rather a CWC or Takara blythe Lounging Lovely Takara Blythe, Takara Prima dolly Ebony Blythe or Punkaholic Takara Blythe doll are options too.  You can purchase these dolls on the bay via my site or check out Blythe Kingdom's buy and sell section.  Facebook also has a great group called Dolly Adoption that offers blythe dolls for sale.  Don't be shy to post WANTED listings there, as well :D 

I hope this post was useful and sorry about for not getting back to you sooner.  I never get email notification when there are comments.  I will try to keep up on that!

Love A  xo

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun at IKEA With Blythe We Snagged A HUSET Furniture Set Too!

I finally got a chance to go to IKEA last night in North York Toronto.  You know the place where the IKEA Monkey Darwin was found.  Anyways, I hit the toy section with my Sophia Rouge Noir EBL Blythe doll and had some fun!
My husband did his usual oh you're going to do that now bit and took off lol  I hate when he leaves me alone because he's embarrassed over me taking dolly pictures.  He seems to forget that I'm a doll person that loves to take pics of her dolls in public every now and then.  Not trying to embarrass him on purpose or anything :) 

So anyways I was loving all the new toys so much I decided to test them with my dolly.  I had a couple of kids run over and try to pick Sophia up but they backed off when I was like, "oh no, honey"  They were great about it and then left me alone.  Yes their parents were looking at me like I was missing something upstairs lol 

 Being creating and having fun is not always considered normal among adults.  Anyways, I didn't let it stop me.  I have more fun just ignoring the non dolly people and their confused and concerned looks :p 
How cute is this!
So then I decided to look for the IKEA HUSET doll furniture and could not for the life of me find it
so I rushed around looking for a store rep and they pointed me in the right direction.  Follow the fruit in the back left corner to which I did and then voila!  I found it!!!

 I looked over some of the sets and decided on one.  I was surprised that they were only $12.99 CND plus tax.  I did noticed that their other toy prices were really affordable, as well.  Not only is IKEA stylish but they offer everyone great stuff for great prices.

Sophia was so tired after all that playing so she decided to rest up before my husband and I went to the self cash.  Then we even got frozen yogurt cones too and only for a buck each plus tax.  Yum :p

Here is Sophia on her new furniture at home.  She loves it so much!  Her sisters are so going to share it.  It will look great in the doll house / shelving that I'm going to make someday soon.


A xo

Thursday, June 6, 2013 For Crochet / Knit Advice, Tips and Patterns And For Blythe Dolls Too!

sweetteddydoll  Is the creator of two gorgeous pieces featured above  

You Can Also Learn Yourself with 

Recently I have seen a lot of knit and crochet fashions go for A LOT of pretty pennies!!!  It's amazing how much people are willing to pay for them!  It's none of my business and I am happy for them.  I feel that if you are willing to spend that much and don't ever care to learn then go for it.  I do like that look too and I have made a few crochet and knit fashions myself for my dolls and friends but I have never used a pattern.  They were cute and I sewed on beads and used ribbons to make them look so cute.  It was a bit ago but I think I have pics on my old laptop somewhere.  I should dig it up and post.  I also hand sewed and machine sewed dresses and coats and hats.  It was fun but so many cute fashions for a great price go up on Ebay, Etsy and Artfire all the time.  Then you can buy fashions on the many groups and forums too.

I think I should learn how to knit and crochet using a pattern and is a social network for knitters and people who crochet.  I have seen some people with little to no experience at all learn to make really cute things for their dolls and then start selling them to others for a rather large some.  All you have to do is search blythe and then you will find pages of patterns for helmets, dresses and more!  Some patterns are even free like this sweet little Lacey Mini Dress by the wonderful Jane and a Crochet Helmet by the fabulous Amanda!  Thank you huns  ^o^ 

I am the type that I like to do things for myself first so I think I will try when I find the time.  I have joined the site and am going to try and spend some time learning how to make some fashions for my own girls.  I might even YouTube some tutorials too. 

I also found this amazing Etsy seller that makes adorable knits and helmets!  Oh and little stuffies for Blythe dolls too. I am so wanting to buy two of these things right now but if I do I have to sell some vintage items I have found on my search for Blythe first.  GAWDDDDD this cuteness is so killing me right now.  Her pieces are so beautiful and the prices are fair.  Some have paid hundreds for them but both items are $57 plus shipping of $8.  Shipping time may take 20 working days for international.  I think they are worth the wait to be honest but it's hard when you want to dress your dolly up the second you order.  Patience is a virtue, I guess.  

PayPal buyer protection is 45 days from sale, I believe so please keep that in mind.  Remember that there is nothing wrong with reporting a transaction if your item is not showing up in time. Just send the seller a quick note before and let them know that you need to cover yourself or they can refund you until it shows up.  Anyways, most likely things do show up in the time the seller approximates.    

Remember that these little knit and crochet dresses based on free patterns do not have a copyright and the silliness going around that you must buy from a certain seller that charges the most doesn't really apply in my books.  Capitalism and free markets should prevail imo.  I want to buy fair priced goods that offer the style and quality I like.  I am not bound to labels in real life so I am not about to do it in Blytheland either.  Anyways, that's my two cents lol  No need to listen to me if you don't want.  

Here is a free pattern for a lovely crochet helmet.

I created a new Tumblr titled, Your Blythe Doll Views and it's a platform that offers it's members a place to discuss things like adults in a civil and rational manor.  No flaming or hate speech, just a place to discuss things dealing with Blythe.  


A xo

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blythe Doll Street Art

Four weeks ago I was in the Annex area and just before Honest Eds I happened upon some really beautiful street art that looked like Blythe dolls!  ^o^  Two weeks ago I decided to bring one of my own blythe dolls that looked similar to one of the graffiti dollies and had a photo shoot!

My husband was so patient lol  He was like, "I'm going to the car because I forgot my laptop".  He was scheduled for a change in less than an hour and would have to work from the patio during dinner.  Yay!  Anyways, I had ample time to take what I believe to be were some really great shots!  The first set was before dinner and was a little too bright but I went back and took more and it wasn't as blinding out.

I also love that area because of the amazing history and historic buildings.  I read this amazing book when I was a child titled Booky by .  Beatrice, the main character, a little girl's story of life during the great depression in Toronto, it was another time and under very different circumstances.  She made the best of it and regardless of the tough times and a hungry belly, she would still enjoy her childhood.  The best things in life are usually free!  She went shopping with her mother in the Annex and found the most beautiful pair of shoes at Eaton's, however, they were too small!  That was the thing about shopping there, it was filled with things that didn't sell for a reason.  I loved that book so much, it was my favorite as a child.  Just thought I would share. lol     

Koreantown is also there too!  Plus you will find lots of other amazing shops and restaurants too, including great book shops, yogurt self serve hang outs and candy shops too!  So if you are in that area I suggest you find a Green P parking lot and stay awhile.  Maybe forget the car altogether and take the TTC, or if you are nearby, which I am, walk on over.  :D 

If you wish to look at more of my pictures, and other Blythe doll pictures, please visit my Flickr.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed my beautiful blythe dolls street art ^o^

A xo

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jordon Hembrough AKA The Toy Hunter Finally Did It! 1972 Kenner Blythe Doll Found On Toy Hunter!!!!

So I was watching Travel Channel's Toy Hunter season two episodes this morning on my droid tablet whilst working out and was so pleasantly pleased to see that Jordan finally came through!  I was patient all last season waiting for him to find my favorite vintage dolly to appear but sadly she didn't :(

Well in the 2nd episode titled "Toy Lovers", at approximately the 10 minute mark, my wait was over!  The doll is even cuter than I imagined!  I wonder if this is the same doll that Jordan told me about on the phone cause he said that he found the doll and not his friend Steve lol  Maybe there is another dolly ;)  Ya right lol

I bet he was just trying to help his friend Steve find a buyer quick because he knew how much I like Blythe dolls.  I did notice that Steve was asking $200.00 less than what Jordan offered me lol  Sheesh... talk about taking a bit off the top.  Well he is a toy dealer, maybe he left room to haggle, and what a total Jersey Boy too!  He's a regular wise toy wise guy ;)

He was a riot on the phone, as well.  Not exactly what I was expecting.  I thought he'd be more like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" "HAHAHA" but he was a bit more like.. well think Sopranos hahaha  Funny thing is I'm Calabrese toy mafia since both my parents are from the South of Italy so I passed on the doll because I like em cheap and dirty ;)  I'm still dreaming about finding one for a buck at a thrift shop, flea market or garage sale.  Anyways, here is the clip of yesterday's show featuring a gorgeous 1972 Kenner Blythe doll      

Love, A xo

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Season Two Of Toy Hunter On The Way & He Told Me That He Found A Blythe Doll!

Toy Hunter, Jorden Hembrough All-New Wed. April 10th 9/8pm C
Okay... where to begin!  Let me start with the part about the Blythe doll first ;)

Jordon Hembrough, aka The Toy Hunter, called me and told me that the Virginia Toy Museum closed down but he purchased all the stock and it included a Blythe doll!  I was over the top happy for him and I really hope that he will feature the doll on his 2nd season.

He asked me to be an expert on his show but I consider myself more of a dolly dork than an expert so I wasn't really into it.  Then he said that he was coming to Toronto and would be at the Toronto Toy Show.  There are so many toy shows and stuff here in Toronto but I think it was the one this past January.  I didn't make it but I'm sure that Jordan would find someone who knows all the exact details about Blythe dolls.  I mean he has his Kenner Toy connections so I'm not worried.

He also asked me if I would be interested in styling the dolls hair how it was originally in the box and maybe even purchasing the doll but I really don't have any experience with that and I'm not in the market for any more dolls right now.  I mean I would love more Kenners but only if I find them at a thrift shop or garage sale for an incredible price.

I already secretly named his dolly Virginia by the way!  I mean of course I day dreamed about the doll and owning the doll lol  I pictured her with long and thick raven hair, wearing the navy blue Pretty Paisley dress without any shoes on.  I'm not delusional and have to be realistic, or course ;P  I have never found a vintage doll with her shoes on!  You have to be super lucky if you do imo.  Anyways, I'm being silly now.

He said he would email me pictures of the doll but nothing yet.  I guess he's been busy with the show and promoting the show.  He probably found another buyer too.  I mean he was asking $1,500 for an out of the box doll.  Plus, I would not even consider a doll sight unseen.  What if it's an Ashton Drake Blythe doll?  I mean they are copies of the originals and that would have been a big disappointment if I said yes and then deboxed to find a repro!  Aye yai-yai!  Most people that don't like blythe have no idea what is vintage or what is not.  I'm sure he has a pretty good idea though so it's most likely a vintage.  Hopefully it's not a super mint doll with blushy cheeks.  I already know that the hair is not perfect ;)  Joking!  I have no idea still.  

So back to the new episodes of Toy Hunter!  The next one is titled KISS n' Tell because Gene freakin Simmons is going to be on with him!  Just like in the picture on this blog and on the website.  The following is what Travel Channel Toy Hunter site lists for the episode: "Jordan heads to LA and receives a special surprise call from rock legend, Gene Simmons of KISS! Gene accompanies Jordan on a hunt to pick up as much rare KISS memorabilia as he can, including a KISS radio-controlled van that could cost Gene a fortune.".  I can't wait!  Who doesn't love KISS!  EYE want to rock and roll and play blythe dolls all night... and party evErrY day :D 

For more information about the show please visit the Travel Channel's Toy Hunter website.  

A xo

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Excellent Flickr Group To Help Identify Fake Blythe Dolls

On one of the Blythe facebook groups I used to run one of the member asked what was written on the backs of the new RBL Blythe doll heads.  I unfortunately do not have any new RBLs, I only have one original Aubrey Prima dolly.  I think to keep my collection in check I can't have more than 25 neo (full sized) Blythe dolls at any one time. I wish I had 500 or more at times but I wouldn't really enjoy my collection then.  It would probably be so overwhelming to me!  I hate selling them too so right now I'm not buying.  Now I can't promise anything for the future.  If I see a dream doll RBL, my favorite reproduction mold, then I'm biting!

Anyways, back to the question.  It stemmed from the issue of fake Blythe dolls being sold as authentic Blythe dolls.  There is so much confusion going around and since I have nothing to compare it to I figured I better ask around.  Not surprising I could not find too many that offered information until after I found an amazing Flickr group

About Identify Fake / TBL / Factory Takara Blythes (Support Group)

We had Blythe doll group members on Flickr and FB ask for help and advice before when it came to fakes and they have actually gotten refunds for returns or refunds because the sellers never listed anywhere that they were fakes.  Other members have reported them to Ebay too because the auctions are not totally forth coming with that information that the dolls are not legitimate Blythes.

Some tips on how to avoid fakes from some Facebook Blythe doll members are, only buy from reputable sellers and top rated eBay/Bigeyedbuys sellers.  Also if the deal seems too good to be true then the doll probably is a fake.  I have seen members state that the found an amazing deal on this doll they thought was a real Blythe doll and then after deboxing them they discovered that they were not.

NRFB (not removed from box) fakes are said to include: are Simply Mango, Simply Guava, Urban Cowgirl and Last Kiss.  Simply Mango is the most copies Blythe doll fake.  From What I heard and understand it is so difficult to tell if they are fake and some say that the only way to tell is by deboxing them.  *A member on the former Blythe Facebook group stated that this isn't so and you can tell simply by looking at it.  (I will find out specifically and update this blog shortly.  If you are still not sure join the group with a picture and maybe someone can help you.  Even then it is getting more difficult because the creators of the fakes are modifying the discrepancies like the different screws.  I would stay away from purchasing these dolls entirely but if you want to take your chances on a used and/or nude one then please buyer beware.  You could always ask the seller if the doll is real or fake and if they are not sure ask them if the doll has a pink scalp and other things that would prove it was real or not.

Please note that all of the real RBL "Simply" Blythe dolls, Vanilla, Chocolate, Guava and Mango, have fine hair.  The fakes TBL have pink scalps and the screws on the back of the head are different.  Since then I have learned that this may not be the case with the screws anymore.  

Some people are not buying other kinds of Blythe dolls and I think that's a real shame.  Please don't give up on our favorite little dolly completely or using Ebay.  Not all Sellers are dishonest.  

I appreciate all the great advice, information, and pictures from our wonderful Blythe doll enthusiasts.  I know that I will be able to make any future RBL purchases without worry now.

Here is my little fake BASAAK blythe doll, Yolandi :

I found her on the bay via FAKE Blythes section.

And on the right is my new factory girl Fiora, Fi for short, that you can also find on FACTORY Blythes.

A xo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sting Pink Fashion Featured In February Sweetheart Calendar Blythe Doll Photo

Instead of taking new pics I went to my Flickr for existing photos of My Maria Kenner Blythe doll with thick and curly, medium brown hair.  Why?  Well February mostly reminds me of Valentines Day and since the dress my vintage 1972 Kenner Blythe is wearing is so perfect to represent this very special month because it's pink and red with heart buttons.

I love Daniella's creations very much and have already purchased yet another outfit.  They are so well made, for a fair price, with fair shipping, and come in a reasonable amount of time via airmail too.  You can ask for different shipping rates, I have never had a problem but if you want insurance you can certainly ask. 

I love the wonderful scent card that comes with the dress.  If you are allergic please request that no perfume be sprayed.  You can find Sting Pink on Etsy and Facebook.  Definitely worth taking a look. 

I think the best place for more information and site URLS for Sting Pink is the Sting Pink Facebook page:

The Flickr The Blythe - Calendar Group URL:

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my post and picture of my Valentine Girl xo

A xo if you would like to learn more and/or buy a blythe doll of your own ^o^