Thursday, March 7, 2013

Excellent Flickr Group To Help Identify Fake Blythe Dolls

On one of the Blythe facebook groups I used to run one of the member asked what was written on the backs of the new RBL Blythe doll heads.  I unfortunately do not have any new RBLs, I only have one original Aubrey Prima dolly.  I think to keep my collection in check I can't have more than 25 neo (full sized) Blythe dolls at any one time. I wish I had 500 or more at times but I wouldn't really enjoy my collection then.  It would probably be so overwhelming to me!  I hate selling them too so right now I'm not buying.  Now I can't promise anything for the future.  If I see a dream doll RBL, my favorite reproduction mold, then I'm biting!

Anyways, back to the question.  It stemmed from the issue of fake Blythe dolls being sold as authentic Blythe dolls.  There is so much confusion going around and since I have nothing to compare it to I figured I better ask around.  Not surprising I could not find too many that offered information until after I found an amazing Flickr group

About Identify Fake / TBL / Factory Takara Blythes (Support Group)

We had Blythe doll group members on Flickr and FB ask for help and advice before when it came to fakes and they have actually gotten refunds for returns or refunds because the sellers never listed anywhere that they were fakes.  Other members have reported them to Ebay too because the auctions are not totally forth coming with that information that the dolls are not legitimate Blythes.

Some tips on how to avoid fakes from some Facebook Blythe doll members are, only buy from reputable sellers and top rated eBay/Bigeyedbuys sellers.  Also if the deal seems too good to be true then the doll probably is a fake.  I have seen members state that the found an amazing deal on this doll they thought was a real Blythe doll and then after deboxing them they discovered that they were not.

NRFB (not removed from box) fakes are said to include: are Simply Mango, Simply Guava, Urban Cowgirl and Last Kiss.  Simply Mango is the most copies Blythe doll fake.  From What I heard and understand it is so difficult to tell if they are fake and some say that the only way to tell is by deboxing them.  *A member on the former Blythe Facebook group stated that this isn't so and you can tell simply by looking at it.  (I will find out specifically and update this blog shortly.  If you are still not sure join the group with a picture and maybe someone can help you.  Even then it is getting more difficult because the creators of the fakes are modifying the discrepancies like the different screws.  I would stay away from purchasing these dolls entirely but if you want to take your chances on a used and/or nude one then please buyer beware.  You could always ask the seller if the doll is real or fake and if they are not sure ask them if the doll has a pink scalp and other things that would prove it was real or not.

Please note that all of the real RBL "Simply" Blythe dolls, Vanilla, Chocolate, Guava and Mango, have fine hair.  The fakes TBL have pink scalps and the screws on the back of the head are different.  Since then I have learned that this may not be the case with the screws anymore.  

Some people are not buying other kinds of Blythe dolls and I think that's a real shame.  Please don't give up on our favorite little dolly completely or using Ebay.  Not all Sellers are dishonest.  

I appreciate all the great advice, information, and pictures from our wonderful Blythe doll enthusiasts.  I know that I will be able to make any future RBL purchases without worry now.

Here is my little fake BASAAK blythe doll, Yolandi :

I found her on the bay via FAKE Blythes section.

And on the right is my new factory girl Fiora, Fi for short, that you can also find on FACTORY Blythes.

A xo