Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jordon Hembrough AKA The Toy Hunter Finally Did It! 1972 Kenner Blythe Doll Found On Toy Hunter!!!!

So I was watching Travel Channel's Toy Hunter season two episodes this morning on my droid tablet whilst working out and was so pleasantly pleased to see that Jordan finally came through!  I was patient all last season waiting for him to find my favorite vintage dolly to appear but sadly she didn't :(

Well in the 2nd episode titled "Toy Lovers", at approximately the 10 minute mark, my wait was over!  The doll is even cuter than I imagined!  I wonder if this is the same doll that Jordan told me about on the phone cause he said that he found the doll and not his friend Steve lol  Maybe there is another dolly ;)  Ya right lol

I bet he was just trying to help his friend Steve find a buyer quick because he knew how much I like Blythe dolls.  I did notice that Steve was asking $200.00 less than what Jordan offered me lol  Sheesh... talk about taking a bit off the top.  Well he is a toy dealer, maybe he left room to haggle, and what a total Jersey Boy too!  He's a regular wise toy wise guy ;)

He was a riot on the phone, as well.  Not exactly what I was expecting.  I thought he'd be more like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" "HAHAHA" but he was a bit more like.. well think Sopranos hahaha  Funny thing is I'm Calabrese toy mafia since both my parents are from the South of Italy so I passed on the doll because I like em cheap and dirty ;)  I'm still dreaming about finding one for a buck at a thrift shop, flea market or garage sale.  Anyways, here is the clip of yesterday's show featuring a gorgeous 1972 Kenner Blythe doll      

Love, A xo


  1. Anna,
    So very cool! Thanks for posting the video of the episode. What a rush it must of been to unearth that doll! I think you've shown a lot of restraint and thoughtfulness by not jumping at the chance to purchase it. Loved following this story about you and the toy hunter. Can't wait till you post about when you do find one on your own!

  2. I found one of those dolls today for 10 dollars at a tag sale but the one I found was only the head torso and dress if it was not for this show I would have not picked it up

  3. You're very welcome Knitalatte! I know! I would have felt like fainting personally but I'm sure I would close the deal ;) Well the determining factor for me was the huge price tag, which for a good condition vintage blythe doll was still a bit much. If he would have offered me the doll for $750 - 900 I might have said yes.

    Alex, great job! I'm so happy that you scored such a rare treasure and for such an amazing price too. So have you sold the doll yet? If not there is a Facebook group that most into Blythe frequent called Dolly Adoption. Let me know if you need the direct link. OR you can sell me the doll for $15 dollars, as is lol ;)

  4. Ebay is another great place to sell Blythe dolls and is the most efficient way to buy them on that same site imo ;)

    PayPal payments all the way because they offer last I checked 45 days from transaction buyer protection. For more details please go to <333