Thursday, April 4, 2013

Season Two Of Toy Hunter On The Way & He Told Me That He Found A Blythe Doll!

Toy Hunter, Jorden Hembrough All-New Wed. April 10th 9/8pm C
Okay... where to begin!  Let me start with the part about the Blythe doll first ;)

Jordon Hembrough, aka The Toy Hunter, called me and told me that the Virginia Toy Museum closed down but he purchased all the stock and it included a Blythe doll!  I was over the top happy for him and I really hope that he will feature the doll on his 2nd season.

He asked me to be an expert on his show but I consider myself more of a dolly dork than an expert so I wasn't really into it.  Then he said that he was coming to Toronto and would be at the Toronto Toy Show.  There are so many toy shows and stuff here in Toronto but I think it was the one this past January.  I didn't make it but I'm sure that Jordan would find someone who knows all the exact details about Blythe dolls.  I mean he has his Kenner Toy connections so I'm not worried.

He also asked me if I would be interested in styling the dolls hair how it was originally in the box and maybe even purchasing the doll but I really don't have any experience with that and I'm not in the market for any more dolls right now.  I mean I would love more Kenners but only if I find them at a thrift shop or garage sale for an incredible price.

I already secretly named his dolly Virginia by the way!  I mean of course I day dreamed about the doll and owning the doll lol  I pictured her with long and thick raven hair, wearing the navy blue Pretty Paisley dress without any shoes on.  I'm not delusional and have to be realistic, or course ;P  I have never found a vintage doll with her shoes on!  You have to be super lucky if you do imo.  Anyways, I'm being silly now.

He said he would email me pictures of the doll but nothing yet.  I guess he's been busy with the show and promoting the show.  He probably found another buyer too.  I mean he was asking $1,500 for an out of the box doll.  Plus, I would not even consider a doll sight unseen.  What if it's an Ashton Drake Blythe doll?  I mean they are copies of the originals and that would have been a big disappointment if I said yes and then deboxed to find a repro!  Aye yai-yai!  Most people that don't like blythe have no idea what is vintage or what is not.  I'm sure he has a pretty good idea though so it's most likely a vintage.  Hopefully it's not a super mint doll with blushy cheeks.  I already know that the hair is not perfect ;)  Joking!  I have no idea still.  

So back to the new episodes of Toy Hunter!  The next one is titled KISS n' Tell because Gene freakin Simmons is going to be on with him!  Just like in the picture on this blog and on the website.  The following is what Travel Channel Toy Hunter site lists for the episode: "Jordan heads to LA and receives a special surprise call from rock legend, Gene Simmons of KISS! Gene accompanies Jordan on a hunt to pick up as much rare KISS memorabilia as he can, including a KISS radio-controlled van that could cost Gene a fortune.".  I can't wait!  Who doesn't love KISS!  EYE want to rock and roll and play blythe dolls all night... and party evErrY day :D 

For more information about the show please visit the Travel Channel's Toy Hunter website.  

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  1. As I watch his show I kept looking for a Blythe!

  2. I know! Me too :D I got a clip of him finally finding one. I'm going to write the blog now!!!