Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blythe Doll Street Art

Four weeks ago I was in the Annex area and just before Honest Eds I happened upon some really beautiful street art that looked like Blythe dolls!  ^o^  Two weeks ago I decided to bring one of my own blythe dolls that looked similar to one of the graffiti dollies and had a photo shoot!

My husband was so patient lol  He was like, "I'm going to the car because I forgot my laptop".  He was scheduled for a change in less than an hour and would have to work from the patio during dinner.  Yay!  Anyways, I had ample time to take what I believe to be were some really great shots!  The first set was before dinner and was a little too bright but I went back and took more and it wasn't as blinding out.

I also love that area because of the amazing history and historic buildings.  I read this amazing book when I was a child titled Booky by .  Beatrice, the main character, a little girl's story of life during the great depression in Toronto, it was another time and under very different circumstances.  She made the best of it and regardless of the tough times and a hungry belly, she would still enjoy her childhood.  The best things in life are usually free!  She went shopping with her mother in the Annex and found the most beautiful pair of shoes at Eaton's, however, they were too small!  That was the thing about shopping there, it was filled with things that didn't sell for a reason.  I loved that book so much, it was my favorite as a child.  Just thought I would share. lol     

Koreantown is also there too!  Plus you will find lots of other amazing shops and restaurants too, including great book shops, yogurt self serve hang outs and candy shops too!  So if you are in that area I suggest you find a Green P parking lot and stay awhile.  Maybe forget the car altogether and take the TTC, or if you are nearby, which I am, walk on over.  :D 

If you wish to look at more of my pictures, and other Blythe doll pictures, please visit my Flickr.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed my beautiful blythe dolls street art ^o^

A xo