Thursday, June 6, 2013 For Crochet / Knit Advice, Tips and Patterns And For Blythe Dolls Too!

sweetteddydoll  Is the creator of two gorgeous pieces featured above  

You Can Also Learn Yourself with 

Recently I have seen a lot of knit and crochet fashions go for A LOT of pretty pennies!!!  It's amazing how much people are willing to pay for them!  It's none of my business and I am happy for them.  I feel that if you are willing to spend that much and don't ever care to learn then go for it.  I do like that look too and I have made a few crochet and knit fashions myself for my dolls and friends but I have never used a pattern.  They were cute and I sewed on beads and used ribbons to make them look so cute.  It was a bit ago but I think I have pics on my old laptop somewhere.  I should dig it up and post.  I also hand sewed and machine sewed dresses and coats and hats.  It was fun but so many cute fashions for a great price go up on Ebay, Etsy and Artfire all the time.  Then you can buy fashions on the many groups and forums too.

I think I should learn how to knit and crochet using a pattern and is a social network for knitters and people who crochet.  I have seen some people with little to no experience at all learn to make really cute things for their dolls and then start selling them to others for a rather large some.  All you have to do is search blythe and then you will find pages of patterns for helmets, dresses and more!  Some patterns are even free like this sweet little Lacey Mini Dress by the wonderful Jane and a Crochet Helmet by the fabulous Amanda!  Thank you huns  ^o^ 

I am the type that I like to do things for myself first so I think I will try when I find the time.  I have joined the site and am going to try and spend some time learning how to make some fashions for my own girls.  I might even YouTube some tutorials too. 

I also found this amazing Etsy seller that makes adorable knits and helmets!  Oh and little stuffies for Blythe dolls too. I am so wanting to buy two of these things right now but if I do I have to sell some vintage items I have found on my search for Blythe first.  GAWDDDDD this cuteness is so killing me right now.  Her pieces are so beautiful and the prices are fair.  Some have paid hundreds for them but both items are $57 plus shipping of $8.  Shipping time may take 20 working days for international.  I think they are worth the wait to be honest but it's hard when you want to dress your dolly up the second you order.  Patience is a virtue, I guess.  

PayPal buyer protection is 45 days from sale, I believe so please keep that in mind.  Remember that there is nothing wrong with reporting a transaction if your item is not showing up in time. Just send the seller a quick note before and let them know that you need to cover yourself or they can refund you until it shows up.  Anyways, most likely things do show up in the time the seller approximates.    

Remember that these little knit and crochet dresses based on free patterns do not have a copyright and the silliness going around that you must buy from a certain seller that charges the most doesn't really apply in my books.  Capitalism and free markets should prevail imo.  I want to buy fair priced goods that offer the style and quality I like.  I am not bound to labels in real life so I am not about to do it in Blytheland either.  Anyways, that's my two cents lol  No need to listen to me if you don't want.  

Here is a free pattern for a lovely crochet helmet.

I created a new Tumblr titled, Your Blythe Doll Views and it's a platform that offers it's members a place to discuss things like adults in a civil and rational manor.  No flaming or hate speech, just a place to discuss things dealing with Blythe.  


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