Sunday, October 27, 2013

Falling For Blythe

I am in love with the fall season.  It is truly a special time of year to me.  Being that I'm a valley girl, we have a lot of amazing trails and wonderful historic sites in my area too, and I have utilized this in my Blythe doll photography also.  I was specifically at a heritage site late September of this year and took some pretty amazing pictures of my BASAAK fake blythe doll.  Blythe plus amazing scenery doesn't take an expert in photography to get some gorgeous results. 

This post is especially for Hecktor who was asking me about dark haired blythes with shoulder length hair.  I immediately thought of my little BASAAK fake blythe girl Yolandi that is featured in this blog.  Though her hair is longer she is a good doll for customizing and costs usually around $24 US plus shipping too!  The trend right now is to actually to disregard the body the doll came with for a flexible pure neemo body blythe size for around $24 - 40 dollars.  You can buy them HERE.

Check out these completed custom BASAAK blythe clones!!!  They are so freakin amazing!!!! You need to be a member of this blythe forum but it's worth the trouble imho.  Here is the general link:

If you would rather a CWC or Takara blythe Lounging Lovely Takara Blythe, Takara Prima dolly Ebony Blythe or Punkaholic Takara Blythe doll are options too.  You can purchase these dolls on the bay via my site or check out Blythe Kingdom's buy and sell section.  Facebook also has a great group called Dolly Adoption that offers blythe dolls for sale.  Don't be shy to post WANTED listings there, as well :D 

I hope this post was useful and sorry about for not getting back to you sooner.  I never get email notification when there are comments.  I will try to keep up on that!

Love A  xo

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun at IKEA With Blythe We Snagged A HUSET Furniture Set Too!

I finally got a chance to go to IKEA last night in North York Toronto.  You know the place where the IKEA Monkey Darwin was found.  Anyways, I hit the toy section with my Sophia Rouge Noir EBL Blythe doll and had some fun!
My husband did his usual oh you're going to do that now bit and took off lol  I hate when he leaves me alone because he's embarrassed over me taking dolly pictures.  He seems to forget that I'm a doll person that loves to take pics of her dolls in public every now and then.  Not trying to embarrass him on purpose or anything :) 

So anyways I was loving all the new toys so much I decided to test them with my dolly.  I had a couple of kids run over and try to pick Sophia up but they backed off when I was like, "oh no, honey"  They were great about it and then left me alone.  Yes their parents were looking at me like I was missing something upstairs lol 

 Being creating and having fun is not always considered normal among adults.  Anyways, I didn't let it stop me.  I have more fun just ignoring the non dolly people and their confused and concerned looks :p 
How cute is this!
So then I decided to look for the IKEA HUSET doll furniture and could not for the life of me find it
so I rushed around looking for a store rep and they pointed me in the right direction.  Follow the fruit in the back left corner to which I did and then voila!  I found it!!!

 I looked over some of the sets and decided on one.  I was surprised that they were only $12.99 CND plus tax.  I did noticed that their other toy prices were really affordable, as well.  Not only is IKEA stylish but they offer everyone great stuff for great prices.

Sophia was so tired after all that playing so she decided to rest up before my husband and I went to the self cash.  Then we even got frozen yogurt cones too and only for a buck each plus tax.  Yum :p

Here is Sophia on her new furniture at home.  She loves it so much!  Her sisters are so going to share it.  It will look great in the doll house / shelving that I'm going to make someday soon.


A xo