Tuesday, May 27, 2014

IKEA Has The Perfect Shelving For Blythe Dolls and Other Collections!

So I decided to go to IKEA to purchase a shelf for my dolls and accessories.  Went to the famous Monkey IKEA in North York where Darwin the monkey in a jacket was found.   I wanted a white shelf but something that was more compartmentalized so that I could use the individual spaces for pictures like a diorama.  It's like a big blythe condo lol

I fixed it up a little bit but it still needs more dolly furniture and things :) xo

This is the Kallax shelf for $129 CND plus tax.  There are many different styles and colors too that I feel would suit many different collectors and their different rooms.  IKEA.com for more!

I have to buy some doll stands and more dolly furniture too!  I think in time it will be perfect.  On the bottom of that shelf on the left I have non dolly retro vintage games.  Then I have a few of the BL Takara boxes, My Vintage 1971 Apple Pie knitter and a white storage box filled with dolly clothes and shoes!  Then on the 3rd shelf from the bottom I have some dolls and the Takara Veeno Vespa Scooter, Then above that Takara outdoor patio furniture and dolls and on the top shelf I have dolls and the IKEA living room furniture set.  On the very very top I have dolls, a Kenner Blythe 1972 case and a signed print from Gina Garan!  Yay!!!

I may sell some of my EBL Takaras.  Original Cherry Berry and Love Mission may go?  I am not sure yet.  I want to make sure before I sell them.  I seem to like customs and fantasy hair colors best with the EBL face mold.  I am just going to think about it for a bit more before I decide because it seems some EBLs don't go for much anyways and I have had those dolls for a while now.

I did notice a mark on the top piece of the shelf made by the forklift so I called IKEA and they said to bring in the piece and they will exchange it no problem.  Even though you can't really see it, I paid for a shelf that was in perfect condition.  When I go back I will also ask for a discount for all my trouble.  Wish me luck!

A xo

Apple Pie Kawaii Handmade Dolly Dresses For Blythe Dolls, or Barbie, or Skipper, or Pullip or other 11.5" dolls For Sale & For A Great Price Too!

Hello Everyone!  It's been a very busy year for me.  I started a new dolly facebook group Blythe411, I created a new funny tumblr and I started making knits for my dolls and now I also make them to sell too! 

I purchased a vintage knitter from eBay and went crazy making them!  I ended up with too many and decided that I wanted to sell some because they were so fun to make :D

Here is the first one that I made for my Maria a 1972 Kenner Blythe doll.  

Here is Veronica with her lovely Kawaii bird and embellished beads.

Here is Veronica again but with her friends all dressed in white but doesn't she look amazing!  

Here is a bunch that I had for sale.  I sold off all and kept a couple but I can make more.  The vintage pinned ones are gone and can not be replaced but the rest can be.

  Plain dresses are $10 US plus shipping and the stuff with sewn on things and  non vintage pins are $12.50 US plus shipping.  

Just let me know if you want any by emailing my Facebook at: 100008231557801@facebook.com 

Well that's it for now.  I am going to actually write yet another blog in a few minutes so talk to you soon!

Love, A  xo