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Products That Help Reduce or Eliminate Yellowing On 1972 Kenner Blythe Dolls And Link To Blythe411 Reduce The Frizz Tips.

On Blytheworld Facebook my facebook dolly friend, FiFi Latrixabel, posted she had won a yellowed blonde Kenner Blythe, her Lemon girl, and is attempting to bleach her dolly to have her go back to the original skin color face plate.  She is using Pearl Drops but there were other suggestions too.  I logged it on my Blythe411 Facebook group with permission from Fiona and another member that had some tips.

Pearl Drops "Worth a try until I can get my stuff together for a major skin bleaching session." Fiona W.  Snipped from Fiona's post on BlytheWorld with her permission.

Update pic of Fiona's lovely blonde kb!  I think the yellowing is fading with the pearl drops and the doll is looking very lovely!  I can't wait to see the after pictures :D

"The formula is called RetroBrite. It removes yellowing from older plastics and returns them to their original color/state. Hope this works." Adrian D. L. Snipped from the following thread with permission from Adrian

***IMPORTANT!!! - Now when you use those bleaching products it is said that the original Kenner Blythe makeup will be removed so if your gal is just a bit dirty then please do not use the bleaching or fading products.  Also if left on too long some said that it would actually melt the plastic!!!!  Please be mindful of this too because the last thing anyone wants is a damaged dolly!

I hope this will help some of you restore your vintage KB safely and effectively without any damage except of  course the original makeup will be removed.  Face ups on Kenners are fun to do.  There are a lot of tutorials out there and even people that can do them for you for a fee.

UPDATE:  Here is FiFi's girl after the hair and bleaching treatments:

Doesn't Lemon look so fab!!  I can't believe it's the same doll.  WOWOWOWOW!!!  Incredible transformation.  I have a couple vintage girls that need hair treatments cause they must have been really loved and their hair played with, brushed and stretched.  I am so lucky to have found them!!

For some tips on how to reduce the frizz please see Blythe411 Reduce The Frizz Tips.

I am not a pro and recommend that if you are unsure about restoring your own doll then you should seek a pro.  There are a lot of talented and experienced Blythe doll restorers &/or spas out there that can offer you great work for good prices.  Look for reviews and testimonials. 

Annablythedoll xo

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