Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sewing For Blythe Dolls

So I was on my site,, surfing the bay for blythe doll goodies, and I was in the pattern section and found some vintage Skipper patterns so I purchased them all!  Then I also purchased the Display Me Torso set to show off my handy work!  This is what I made!!!

7480 McCall's Skipper Pattern

I made this one for my dolly friend Gail as thanks for being so sweet
and for her lovely knits she sent me recently!
Just finished another Skipper Pattern from McCall's 7716
This one I screwed up a bit and have to redo.  The pattern is from McCall's 7716.

I am going to probably start making the first pattern with the pockets for my Etsy shop and update my blog and facebook once they are in.

So much fun and good times!  Being kind to each other both on and offline!  That's my idea of playing dolls :)

Annablythedoll xo
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