Friday, July 18, 2014

Blythe Doll Pattern Modifications For Middie Blythe & What Other Doll Shoes Fit Middie Blythe

Hi Everyone!  So I have been sewing for NEO Blythe dolls mostly from vintage Skipper Patters that can be found on Blythe411 Facebook group, and thanks to one of our members, we found out if you printed out the party dress pattern at 75% that it would fit Middie Blythe dolls!  I went further and tested the 7716 H pattern printed out at 75% and guess what!!!  It worked imo and it looks so freakin adorable too!

Here below is 7480 D from the vintage Skipper Patters.  Isn't my Midge so very darling! 

Today on the group I posted about all of this and I also asked what other doll shoes would be able to fit Middie.  Other fab members informed us that Puki Puki doll shoes and Kelly doll shoes would fit and I just went on the bay and they seem like a good match!  I am already spending next months dolly budget in my head before the new month even starts lol  Jemgirl also makes shoes specifically for Middie too and I believe she has an Etsy shop. Yes she does!  I just added the link too!!

Well that's it for now guys!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)

Annablythedoll xo