Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bella Enjoying A Beautiful Fall Day In A Stunning AZ Hippiechick Etsy Hat, A Knit Vest I made & Vintage Skipper Jeans!

Yesterday I received two gorgeous hats from Vickie of  AZ Hippiechick Etsy Shop.  It was also a very lovely day here too because it was above seasonal so I took advantage of the new hat, weather and decided to hold a photo shoot.  

Bella is my last Kenner Blythe I purchased in 2005 off eBay for $650 US plus shipping!  I also won those vintage Skipper jeans off the bay and matched it with a hand knit hat lovely vest I made in early 2000, as well!

I have made about half dozen coats in felt but none in that lovely green color or bright vibrant yellow or orange.  Maybe I should start making some soon!  I also love the idea of big cream sweaters or maybe a scarf to go with the coat?  I need to make some time and whip some up.

Bella's hair is so silky and smooth.  At the right side I should give her a treatment because it's a tiny bit uneven but that is the standard with uncut kenners.  I am not sure why they were produced with uneven hair but I am not going to cut it.  I don't even like brushing their hair too much because it might pull some out.  I usually just primp and pamper my dolly's hair with my fingers.  It doesn't pull anything out or stretch the hair fabric either.  

The maple leaves are so gorgeous and abundant in my back yard right now.  I almost hate asking my husband to clean them up.  It's just so bright and beautiful right now! 

Well that's it for now!  I hope you all enjoyed my new set of pictures and I hope that you too are having a wonderful fall season thus far!

Annablythedoll xo

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