Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blythe Bug Payback lol :)

So I kinda got my sister in law and my little niece hooked on Blythe.  Thanks to me they now how some Blythe dolls.  I also made them a couple dresses for their new dollies too!  For Christmas I am also giving my little miss a new pink haired Blythe Doll in a knit dress I made for her dolly too!  I can't wait to give her new doll in her new outfit to her!

The dress above had a some modifications by my niece.  It no longer has pockets but it actually looks better. lol  It's her dress now so that's what counts.  She left the Hello Kitty button intact!  It's so cute and hopefully I will get some pics of her doll wearing it.

This dress was so much easier to make!  I am really getting the hang of sewing a lot of dresses at once for my dolls, friends, family and customers.  I am very lucky that my father gave me that vintage zig zag SINGER from the 70s that came with it's own table for FREE!!!

So this is the dolly and dress I made.  Also featured is her new dress all nice and adorably packed!  I noticed that the dress will go perfectly with her other doll that has blue hair.  She even has a huge doll house that I think is super darling!  I have room for one so I might have to get one too!  Playing dolls is for anyone at any age!  It's a heart thing and there is endless room to fill with happiness from it too! :D 

Here is the dress close up with the little embellishments I sewed on.  I hope she likes them because she will remove them if not and I really think they are cute so I hope she doesn't! lol

Well that's it  for now.  I hope you are all having a great week so far and it gets better!

Annablythedoll xo

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