Thursday, November 27, 2014

Comfy & Warm Wool Coats In Two Lengths For Kenner / Neo Blythe Dolls

In my spare time I love to blog, sew, read, draw, play dolls, listen to music, watch movies and take pictures!  Lately I am listening to my iTunes while I sew a lot.  I am very fortunate that I learned to sew in grade school from family that knew and I also took Home Economics in Grade 8.   Made my first tote bag, shirt and cute mobile.  We also knit and crocheted some things too.  It was a lot of fun and it was actually useful.  I am glad I took it!

So if you follow my blog previously then you would know I purchased a bunch of vintage Skipper patterns and one vintage Pepper set of patters from an eBayer that she sent me on CD.  Since then I have been testing out some and they are coming along really nice.  I even sent that CD to a dolly friend as a part of a friendly exchange and I share them in the file section of the Blythe411 FB group for free.  There are also other patterns in the photo section and links to even more.  Please feel free to join!
Above are 100% wool fabric, gold beads for buttons and red cotton thread.

I cut out the pattern and I did it freehand without pins.  I am really good at doing that but you should always start by pinning the cut pattern to the material and then cutting.  Please ignore that piece on the left with the two little cut outs.  It was for another coat.  

Iron the collar and you can even do the seams too.  I am lucky that I can make 1/4 inch seams while I sew and I can sew very straight too. 

Voila!  Collar is pressed and ready to sew.

Here is my lovely Jade in my first wool coat with domes, bias tape and gold beads as buttons.  

Here is the same pattern but modified so it's length is shorter.  Looks so sweet!  It's a gift.

I also made one for Blythetastic for Christmas and sending hugs.  I was so flattered when she posted a pic of one of her lovely Kenners styling it in a beautiful ET helmet, I believe.  I asked if I could use the pic and she said yes!  Anyways, here it is!!

Isn't this such a stunning picture of such a darling doll!  Just perfect!!!

So there you have it.  I am no where near opening up an Etsy shop or anything but I am having fun and making some cute clothing for my dollies and my dolly friends' dolls!  

Hope you all are staying warm, even your Blythe dolls!  They will in these fab wool coats!!  



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