Monday, November 24, 2014

Facebook Blythe Doll Diorama Group Just Started! Already So Much Fun & Lovely Display Pics Posted Too!!

My Facebook dolly friend Heather just started a really cool group called Blythe Doll Dioramas that has definitely got my interest.  I was discovering miniatures and dioramas this year personally so it wasn't very hard.  I am still learning, collecting and developing my skills and displays.

So far I have IKEA to thank for a great set up with their fab shelving and dolly furniture that I purchased and wrote about on this blog earlier this year.  No.  I don't work there but they do deserve some props because a lot of wonderful doll and/or toy collections, and other wonderful things, adorn their terrific and affordable display cases and shelving!

So last week the lovely and awesome Miss Metsuki, aka Heather, posted our first challenge.  To create a diorama out of a cigar box.  I was apprehensive but I have always tried to take part in Blythe doll challenges, trades, competitions and other fun things too so I decided to brainstorm.  My husband did have a couple cigar boxes and he was cool to let me use them.

I also felt that a Middie Blythe or a Petite Blythe sized doll or dolls would be best to use because I had never really made my own diorama from scratch before and I thought it would be a nice way to start.  The theme for the challenge was Christmas so I continued thinking and remembered I had a winter Blythe petite that would be perfect and then I also added another petite and wrapped her with a scarf.  I grabbed some cotton balls, some trim from some of my bushes that resembled miniature pine trees.  Then some black electrical tape, clear white tape and white paper then I was ready to go!

I think that this was such a cute way to start the wonderful Christmas season!  I also put up my Christmas tree and wreath last week.  I really enjoy this time of year, especially when I watch some of my favorite movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas With The Kranks, Bad Santa, Home Alone 1&2 and a bunch of others.

Well that's it for now.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you liked it.  I probably will be blogging some more soon but if not have a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.  All the best to you and yours this wonderful festive season and I hope your new year is fab and bright!


Annablythedoll xo

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