Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine's Day Preview For We Heart Dolls Facebook Group And More Amazing Kenner Finds!

Happy New Year all!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are getting ready for V-day!!  I am a member of the fun and lovely facebook group WHD where there is always fun challenges and beautiful dolly pics featured.  Our members are preparing for the Valentine's Day challenge with a fun preview!  So here is what I just posted today!

I just love the whole hearts, xo's, red and pink thing and often use at least one of them on a daily basis.  It makes me happy and I am a very caring person.  It's definitely legit with me.  :) xo   I am going to try and find time to do the actual photo shoot next week and maybe zip it up in a free type of photo shop program too.  I so LOVE this time of year!!

So lately on Blythe World fb group someone found a gorgeous Kenner Blythe doll for $1!!!  She is from Australia, it was at a flea market and get this... she arrived late!  What a lucky girl!!  Then there was a lady that found a couple Kenners in her attic that were her grandmothers.  She tried to sell them on the Blythe Kenner facebook group but ended up listing them on eBay instead.  More gorgeous dollies on the bay for people who love them to buy!

Well that's about all for now.  I hope all you kind sweeties are having a fab weekend.

Annablythedoll xo