Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

To all my kind and sweet dolly friends I wish you a most prosperous and wonderful Year of the Ram!!  Since it was a special time of year when I was playing dolls last night I decided to dress some of my "Asian" Blythe Dolls perfectly named by my dolly friend Maki and had to take some pictures with that theme.

I have a gorgeous Asian Butterfly and petite Asian Butterfly too that I have photographed before.  I need to find some early pictures of my neo AB EBL dressed in her stock outfit which I still have today!  I don't buy or sell that much but over the years I have actually acquired a nice collection of diverse dolls and accessories.  I am truly blessed.  Sure, I wish I had more dollies and stuff for them!  Who doesn't?!  (kinda weird that there are people who don't think Blythe dolls are cute imo! hehe :p)  But all in all I do feel that I am very fortunate for being so picky and thrifty.  lol

I have more pictures on my Anna Blythedoll flickr and just added some Asian inspired Blythe doll pictures including the one above to celebrate this wonderful and special time of year!  My city goes all out because we are a wonderful multi-cultural city and have a Chinatown too!  We have frequented it a lot and others around the world.  Even in Havana, Cuba!!!  So wonderful.  I love the Asian culture and people so much.  I also was happy to hear that 400 dogs were saved yesterday in China and their animal rights movement is growing!!

On that happy note I will sign off for now but will hopefully be back soon with more adorable blythe dolly things!!

Annablythedoll xo 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Is Almost Here So Here Are Some Of My Blythe Doll Vday Pics & More Vday Pics!

I truly love Valentine's Day.  What a special time of year!!  The internet has some truly nice and warm hearted people also!  Some even include ones that take such amazing pictures of their dolls daily!  It's so much work to do and share that beauty with others.  I am deeply honored and I greatly appreciate their trouble!  I am always trying to improve my picture taking skills and sewing/knitting but because I am so inspired by so many talented people in the Blythe World that it does get easier and easier!  I never thought I could make my own dolly clothes in less than an hour usually too!  I have also made a custom blythe doll and miniatures also!  What seemed like kinda torture before is now relaxing and fun!    
Maria chillin on the IKEA dolly furniture set that
included that adorable little heart pillow!  My dolly friends that
I have met in person and from the net have actually
told me  that Maria is a mini me!  What a wonderful
Taken at IKEA Sophia with a BIG ASS HEART PILLOW! haha!!!
My lovely AD Medieval gal in a lovely heart dress
I purchased pre loved!
Another one of my early dolly pics from 2005.  Still cute
though!  I made that heart vest and the dress on the left. :)  
Another old pic from 2005.

I made this coat and bunny slippers for Gina Garan back in
2005 for one of her dollies.  Of course Maria had to try it on! lol
My husband already asked me last week to be his Valentine and of course I said YES!  Saturday I am going to be making a special dinner for my darling!  Lobster and all the fixings!  Of course we are going to have dessert and champagne with that meal fit for my King too!  We are high school sweethearts too!  I couldn't imagine my life without him.  I am so very fortunate and he tells me that he is also! :D  xo  Blaaaa I know lol  Sorry!!  I am just so happy don't mean to annoy.  haha!

I wish all you sweeties a Happy Valentine's Day and all the very best too!  I also hope it lasts all year long too!

Annablythedoll xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

On The Hunt For Blythe

I have been searching for Kenner Blythe dolls since early 2000s locally and abroad.  Whenever I am in an area I always try to find some searching time.  I haven't found a vintage KB doll in person as of yet but I won't ever stop trying.  I did, however, come up with a method to help me save up for dolls by finding neat things on the way and pretty much selling them for dolly FU money. lol

So anyways as late I was thinking to make a post on this blog and post actual pics on Blythe411 regarding the search. It's fun and it's also a bit inspirational I find too.  Recently a gentleman found a watch at the Goodwill for $5.95 and turned around and sold it for $35,000!!!  Well guess where I went right after I heard that! haha  Okay.  So I didn't find that watch but I did find some other neat things I photographed and even purchased.

I have come across some pretty neat and weird things so the new picture thread has a few of the things I have encountered during my retro quest.  It's so much fun.  It truly is "the thrill of the hunt".  And to be rewarded on top.  It's truly my soma.

I know that I probably will not find a 1972 Kenner Blythe doll anytime soon, if ever, in person.  But at least I can save up for them and buy them off of eBay!

Hope everyone kind is doing well and having a great week so far!  I also wish those looking for our favorite dolly the best of luck in your search.  I really hope you find one or more or other neat things that are worth something for your blythe doll bank.

Big Hugs,

Annablythedoll xo