Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Is Almost Here So Here Are Some Of My Blythe Doll Vday Pics & More Vday Pics!

I truly love Valentine's Day.  What a special time of year!!  The internet has some truly nice and warm hearted people also!  Some even include ones that take such amazing pictures of their dolls daily!  It's so much work to do and share that beauty with others.  I am deeply honored and I greatly appreciate their trouble!  I am always trying to improve my picture taking skills and sewing/knitting but because I am so inspired by so many talented people in the Blythe World that it does get easier and easier!  I never thought I could make my own dolly clothes in less than an hour usually too!  I have also made a custom blythe doll and miniatures also!  What seemed like kinda torture before is now relaxing and fun!    
Maria chillin on the IKEA dolly furniture set that
included that adorable little heart pillow!  My dolly friends that
I have met in person and from the net have actually
told me  that Maria is a mini me!  What a wonderful
Taken at IKEA Sophia with a BIG ASS HEART PILLOW! haha!!!
My lovely AD Medieval gal in a lovely heart dress
I purchased pre loved!
Another one of my early dolly pics from 2005.  Still cute
though!  I made that heart vest and the dress on the left. :)  
Another old pic from 2005.

I made this coat and bunny slippers for Gina Garan back in
2005 for one of her dollies.  Of course Maria had to try it on! lol
My husband already asked me last week to be his Valentine and of course I said YES!  Saturday I am going to be making a special dinner for my darling!  Lobster and all the fixings!  Of course we are going to have dessert and champagne with that meal fit for my King too!  We are high school sweethearts too!  I couldn't imagine my life without him.  I am so very fortunate and he tells me that he is also! :D  xo  Blaaaa I know lol  Sorry!!  I am just so happy don't mean to annoy.  haha!

I wish all you sweeties a Happy Valentine's Day and all the very best too!  I also hope it lasts all year long too!

Annablythedoll xo

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