Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Easter! Lots Of Pics!! Edited To Add More!!!

I had such a lovely photo shoot last year and I wanted to share the pictures since Easter is around the corner!!  I was racking my brains about what I could do this year and I seriously couldn't even think of anything that would come as close to the Easter Blythe Doll pictures I did before.

Maria is feeding the Easter bunnies before their big day!

Here are some of my older Easter themed pictures below. :) 
My former VM.  One of the few dolls I have sold but still I had a couple pics and why not post them now in my Easter themed post!!  

Another shot of my former Velvet Minuet.  

I tried to make a half decent pair of bunny slippers but they were kinda not the greatest. lol  Got to try it again.  This pair went to Gina Garan and the entire outfit that I made to go with them too!!  I also gifted Junko Wong and my dolly friend Brent too!

Oh before I forget there has been a pay it forward thing going on and I have gifted about 5 people too.  It's really awesome and wonderful to say the least!  Well the talented
Keith Bargemann of the lovely and stunning Blythe Doll Photographic and Jill were having an Easter goodies giveaway and guess who won!!!  The draw was for US Blythe doll enthusiasts only but I unfortunately didn't see that even though it was right in front of me!  I take quick internet breaks when I am at work and that rush must have caused me to miss it.  Going to wait for stuff like that next time!  Regardless, Keith sent it to me anyways even though I said I would pay the difference in shipping or he didn't have to.  He didn't even charge me a dime for the extra shipping.  What a sweetie!!  I will definitely post pics as soon as I receive them on this blog post!!!

The fabulous and fantastic Easter goodies from Keith and Jill arrived a couple days before Easter!  So perfect and lovely to say the least.

Wonderful, right!  Well it didn't stop there.  I took some more pics with some of my collection and even souped-up a one of the pics thanks to the free online!  So much fun!!

More is on my Facebook and Instagram so please feel free to add me if you are a happy and kind dolly person :) xo

 Hope all you kind and sweet people have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it.  Have a good weekend regardless!  I know it's early but I am going to be working a lot and then my family is coming over for the holidays.  I didn't want to miss out so I thought I should post it now when I have some time.

Annablythedoll xo 

I Fabric Softener Soaked 5 - 1972 Kenner Blythe Doll Frizz Heads In One Day!!!

I noticed that some of my vintage girls hair was not as soft and there was some frizz creeping in.  I usually just did a mild wash with a fabric softener soak in warm water before and it did wonders before.  I reviewed some other treatments and I decided that since I like a little body in my dolly's hair I would stick to the usual ways.  I hadn't treated their hairs since I got them back in early 2000 so it was definitely time for a freshening up!

So one by one I prepped them, did a hair wash with a mild shampoo but I could have used Woolite!  Next time because I had a tester pack I could have used.  I got some no name fabric softener from my mom and then put about a quarter cup in warm water in the bathroom sink.  I treated 2 dolls at a time and then left the last for that evening.  I did the same thing but used a bucket instead.  It worked great too.  So I forgot to mention that after I soaked them for about ten minutes each I rinsed their hair with cold water and my logic was to of lock in the softener.  I made sure not to get any on the dolls body, pull-string and face.  If some went on I just rinsed with cold water.  I am no pro so if you are unsure there are a lot of Blythe doll spas that you can use instead.  

Don't they look fab and fresh!!  My Gina, the dark raven girl with the Farrah Fawcet type locks, bottom picture on the left, has lots of frizz remaining on the ends but it's much softer.  I love how her hair looks overall so I am not going to treat it for now.  When I add a bit of heat and more softener it can get really long and straight but this look is what I want right now.  I do want another raven so maybe I will start saving!  I think my vintage collection would be complete unless I find them at a thrift shop or yard sale for an amazing price!  

Well that's it for now.  I am going to do up another post maybe later today about Easter!!  I have some really adorable pictures that I took that need to be posted about.  I don't think I will have time after today because my relatives are coming over for the holidays!! :D lol

More very soon!!