Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Recently Discovered Blythe Neo Tops Seem To Fit Middie Blythe Dolls Like A Dress!

I was going to the park and wanted to take my Middie Mina with me and wanted a new look for my lovely little dolly!  I decided to go through my Blythe doll Neo outfits and found a perfect little cute full size top that was perfect as a dress for Middie!  What do you think?  This opens up so many more looks for my little darling.  So not only did I make some Skipper fashions for my doll by reducing the patter to 75% but now I can add this to is, as well!  That's all for now!  I hope all you kind people are having a fab spring so far and enjoying nice weather too!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blythe Doll Classification List

On one of the Doll Adoption Facebook groups some sellers were not properly classifying or even disclosing the base doll.   I think there was maybe a bit of confusion so I decided to make this list on Blythe411 that would hopefully clarify all the different Blythe dolls and fakes.

Blythe Doll Classifications

1.  Vintage
1972 Kenner Blythe Dolls - Original Blythe Doll
AiAi Chan - Original Japanese version Blythe doll.

2. Official
Any Blythe doll reproductions licensed by Kenner and/or Hasbro.
Takara/CWC - prototypes, neo, middie, petites, belle miniatures & kubric.
ToysRUs - prototypes & neo
AshtonDrake - neo
Littlest Pet Shop - petites

3.  Factory
Official Blythe doll parts that did not meet quality or stolen and pieced together then sold online.

4.  Fakes 
Eye changing doll rips/copies that were not licensed.
TBL - Taobao Blythe dolls - got it's name from Chinese online type bay. 
CLones - Little Big Eyes, Baask, Blybe, Icy...
5.  Customs
You can take any doll from this list and customize it to be a custom doll.  If you decide to sell please list base doll.  Thank you!

What do you think?  Post on the Blythe411.  

Annablythedoll xo