Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Time Blythe Dolls

I was in the dollar store the other week and noticed they had some pretty cute holiday decor that would be perfect for Blythe doll scenes and dioramas.  I picked up 2 items for under $5 CND since most things at the dollar store are not a dollar anymore, unfortunately.

I also spiced up my picture for free thanks to!  I added a frost effect and snow and it just made my picture pop!

I also made the outerwear for both of my Kenner Blythe dolls based on vintage Skipper patterns I purchased off BigEyedBuys!  You can also get your dollies there and I have too for great prices since it's a wonderful tool that helps you find the best dolls and accessories for the best prices imho.

I made some dresses to sell for charity too.  They are listed on The Original Dolly Duds and Sundries via Facebook or feel free to message me if you wish to purchase them direct.  They are $20 US each plus shipping all the money minus the shipping and fees will go to charity.  I donate to The Salvation Army, The Daily Bread and another in great need right now.

 There are also more Blythe Doll clothing items I am selling that are loved.  It's all on my Annablythedoll Facebook wall.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to wish all the sweet and kind people a very Merry Christmas &/or Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!  All the best to you and yours in 2016!!

Warmest Regards,

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