Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day From My Blythe Dolls Veronica & Rose Wearing RetroBubbleGum xo

Happy Valentine's day to all the kind and sweet people out there!  Above is a picture of my adorable Veronica who is a stock Lounging Lovely Takara Blythe doll wearing RetroBubbleGum and pre loved shoes.  The bear and doxy are by CWC Takara that came with my sleep set and the doggy was a gift from a friend!  I spiced up the picture thanks to that is mostly free!

Here is my sweet Rose in the same RetroBubbleGum dress and wearing stock cherry boots from the Takara knees and toes shoe set I purchased years ago for a mere $25 US but the boots alone are worth 4 or 5 times more?  I only liked that one set so that's all that I purchased.  I am not into the selling part of Blythe.  I usually buy and keep 95% of my collection.  

So I will be starting an Etsy shop part time in about a month or so and I just designed some new business cards that I think are so adorable!  I ordered 500 on for only $9.99 CND and $7.99 cheapest shipping.  They were usually 50% more on the price but there is a sale on now.  Still beats that had only 100 cards for I believe $23 CND.  I have ordered postcards from Staples before and  you can go there in person for more assistance and you can pick up the cards quick without paying shipping.  I always buy from the best at the time so I might be back to Staples if they can offer me better next time.

Well that's it for now!  Going to do a bit of shopping this afternoon to make my husband the bestest Valentine's Day dinner ever!  All the best to the kind sweathearts out there! xo

Love, Anna 

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