Thursday, February 25, 2016

RetroBubbleGum Blythe Doll Handmade Affordable And Retro Stylish Clothing On Etsy Now

Since I started collecting Blythe I have been making things for my dolls and my friend's dolls too.  Knitting, crochet, sewing and even using a knitting loom also.  It has been for fun mostly and for giving my pieces as gifts.  

I have sold some pieces and outfits too through the years but not on a regular basis.  Since my niece started collecting Blythe last year I started sewing a lot more for her dolls in my spare time and it was so much fun and relaxing too that I decided to start a part time Etsy shop called RetroBubbleGum

I learned how to sew thanks to my father who is a professional tailor that trained in Italy at his brother's clothing store and tailor shop.  I also took Home Ec in grade 8 and learned how to follow basic patterns to make a shirt, a mobile, a pillow and a tote bag.  Pretty good for only being 12!  

Now I love to sew in miniature and do so with vintage inspired patterns, mostly Skipper, that will fit 11.5" Blythe dolls.  I learned how to do about 7 patterns really well so they are solid.  For my shop opening I have 3 styles and I work mostly with delicate cottons and vintage materials.  

For more details please see the pictures below for the exact dresses up for sale at my RBG Etsy shop that are at fair prices with exact shipping.  

If you like what you see then please feel free to hit my RetroBubbleGum shop!  

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